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Manchester's Best Barber

est. 2011

1 Hardman Blvd, Manchester, M3 3AQ


SINCE 2011

Manchester Barber Shop

We've come together from all angles of the hair industry to create a welcoming environment, offering custom hair services by our Manchester Barbers that elevate your style and make you feel great.

Within our central Manchester Barber shop, we've created a neutral, open plan space and a welcoming environment for all.

Our aim is to spread a little happiness and well-being to anyone looking for a quick trim from our Manchester Barbers, a complete new look, or just a safe place for a friendly chat.

Manchester Barber | Mx Spinningfields

Our Manchester Barber Styles

Manchester Barber | Mx Spinningfields

Over 35 years experience combined

Igniting confidence 
since 2011

Come and experience our unique Manchester Barber for all your hair, beard and colour needs. Here, tradition and trend blend seamlessly, offering an unparalleled grooming experience. 

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Manchester Barber Pricing

Cutting and Styling

Short Cut & Finish   ----------------------------------   from £30

Long Cut & Blow Dry   -----------------------------   from £50

All Clipper   ------------------------------------------------   from £20

Short Blow Dry   ---------------------------------------   from £30

Long Blow Dry    ---------------------------------------   from £30

Colour Work

Full Head Tint   ------------------------------------------   from £30

Full Head Highlight   ---------------------------------   from £50

Half Head Highlight   --------------------------------   from £50

Face Frame   --------------------------------------------   from £40

T-Section    -----------------------------------------------   from £60

Creative toner over bleach   -----------------   from £30

Long virgin bleach   ---------------------------------   from £130

Short virgin bleach   -------------------------------   from £90

Bleach roots   ------------------------------------------   from £80

Bleach correction   ----------------------------------   from £105

Regrowth tint   ----------------------------------------    from £55

Toner   -------------------------------------------------------   from £20

Extension Work


Upon consultation, please contact our Manchester Barber Shop.

Our Manchester Barber Reviews

"Jordan has been cutting my hair for 16 years now, he is an incredible hairdresser, a total perfectionist that always gives an amazing haircut"


Claire Brooks, MI

Our Manchester Barber
Shop Brand Video

SINCE 2011

We take Mental Health seriously

Hi, I’m Kwesi, your therapist dedicated to your mental health and wellbeing.


Together, we’ll navigate life’s challenges through 1-1 counseling sessions.


With empathy and honesty, we’ll delve into root causes, untangle beliefs, and cultivate self-compassion.


Contact me for a 15-20 min consultation to determine the next steps for your journey towards healing and growth.





Visit Our Manchester Barber Shop

0161 834 1610

1 Hardman Boulevard
Manchester M3 3AQ

Monday  -------------------------------  9.00 - 18.00

Tuesday  ------------------------------  9.00 - 18.00

Wednesday  ------------------------  9.00 - 18.00

Thursday  ----------------------------  9.00 - 19.00

Friday  ----------------------------------- 9.00 - 18.00

Saturday  ---------------------------  10.00 - 16.00

Sunday  ------------------------------------------  Closed


Find our Manchester Barber Shop

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